Not the doctor we deserve, but the doctor we needed

Opinion Thursday 09/December/2021 12:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Not the doctor we deserve, but the doctor we needed
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In late 2019 as the pandemic dawned upon us, it ignited an era of darkness, we were placed in a time where we were forced to worry for the wellbeing of our loved ones and our own. lives and hopes were lost, spirits and hearts were broken, the world shut down. And as the rest of us were at homes next to our loved ones safe and sound our doctors and health care providers were the ones out there round the clock heading into the fire. I want to take this moment to shine a light on someone who I have witnessed firsthand sacrifice and endure the hardships and challenges of this pandemic, someone just kept her head down and did her job not seeking any recondition or appreciation but did it simply because it was the right thing to do. Her story is one that needs to be heard.

It’s not easy seeing before your very eyes the death and destruction this virus causes and still willingly face it every day, serving all night shifts in these horrific times is not something just anyone can endure but along with the fear and uncertainty of these times she also had to go through the long hours of mental and physical warfare during her shifts, working while dealing with, the stress of making critical decisions as she pushes through fatigue, facing technical challenges of a hospital running at maximum capacity, going on for weeks non stop completely exhausted, she sacrifices her wellbeing to save our lives and the lives of those we love.

But what no one knows is that for the past two years she’s been putting her own life on the line while being on immunosuppressive therapy which renders her immunity vulnerable and at risk. Serving her shifts at the COVID-19 ward where she is exposed to patients with extreme cases of the virus, yet she selflessly puts her life on the line to save theirs.

The patience, the respect, and the professionalism she possesses are unmatched. During an 8 hour shift, it’s not uncommon for her to see well over 100 patients and sometimes way beyond. It’s not every day you see a single GP have such demand but her high ethics and moral values have caused people to go out of their way and come from far places to seek her expertise.

But even with an overflow of patients, she takes her time with each patient extensively explaining in detail what the prescribed medicine is and how to administer it. Medical procedures can be intimidating at times but she makes sure to comfort you and walk you through all the steps of a prescribed test and just makes the whole process so easy.

It takes honesty and sincerity to do the right thing when no one is watching, it’s not a part of her job description to follow up on her patients yet she does it on a regular basis just to make sure those who came to her seeking help now have what they need. Her patients range from all walks of life, her sympathy transcends through them all. You’ll never see her excessively prescribing tests or medicines, she’s always mindful of an individual’s situation always looking out for your personal well-being, making sure you get the best treatment that won’t be a burden on you financially.

Her compassion and care doesn’t just stop with her patients. Nurses and the rest of the hospital staff who rarely get reconditioned for their sacrifices and their dedication in these tough times, she makes it a point to highlight all their efforts. She always looks out for them and their needs. In times of injustice, she’s the first one to stand up and fight for their rights making sure they have a safe and comfortable environment to work in. Her compassion is truly beyond compare, her nurses, her staff, and her fellow doctors, she always looks out for them and treats them like family.

The tests and trials she’s been through, the hectic shifts, putting her life at risk, all the sacrifices she’s had to make this last year words honestly cannot describe.
Her days at the hospitals leave her mind and body in a state of restlessness causing her to suffer from sleepless nights, but you’ll still see her wake up the next day the first one through those doors without a single complain ready to go through it all again. Again, putting her life at risk to save yours. Again, leaving her loved ones behind because yours are in need, but still you won’t see her scowl or frown, you won’t hear her complain or raise her voice, with beautiful patience her nights and days yet again she will selflessly sacrifice. The first one through those doors and the last one to leave time and time again consistently. Fighting to save our lives while fighting for her own.

She was the light for us shining in the darkness even when her insides were burnt out and drained.

In time of darkness, not the hero we deserved but the hero we needed.

I thank you Dr. Sana Ali Khan on behalf of all of Oman.  

— Syed Namir. A Resident of Oman

The doctor works at Badr Al Samaa Hospital, Ruwi