How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

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How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

MUSCAT: A dental veneer serves as a cover for the tooth surface when the dentist cannot save the tooth due to a significant decay in the patient's tooth. Veneers come in different types. From these types of veneers, the most suitable veneer type for the patient depends on the tooth's condition, the cost, and the patient's expectations, and then the procedure begins.

How is the coating of the teeth done?

At Dentakay dental clinic, the first step is taking the measurements of the teeth. It determines the veneer material for the patients. The cleaning process of the teeth follows, and the moulds are prepared and placed on the tooth temporarily to form the necessary shape for the coating.

The tooth adapts to the mould by letting the patient live with the mould placed temporarily for a while. If the dentist encounters a problem while removing the mould, the necessary treatment is applied to solve the problem. The tooth coating process is in the final stage, and the entire process ends.

The tooth veneer process is completed in 3 sessions if there is no problem, depending on the tooth's condition and the patient. Sometimes, it is possible to accelerate the process and complete the veneer in 2 sessions. The critical point is that 2-3 days between each session will be better for the placement of the tooth coating.

After completing the dental veneer process, the patient needs to pay attention to oral care. The person should brush at least two times and use dental floss. There is no need for additional consideration for the veneer, but oral care should continue in its routine. The patient also must be careful about very hot or icy drinks and foods.

Types of dental coating

Porcelain Dental Veneer: It is a type of veneer in which the dental Veneers on the tooth is porcelain material. Porcelain veneer prepared and fitted in the patient's tooth colour is a durable and long-lasting veneer type against tooth breakage. Patients with aesthetic concerns also prefer it.

Zirconium Dental Veneer: It is a dental veneer that makes the tooth look close to the original. This type of tooth coating does not have hot and cold sensitivity like the others, and it does not cause any problems in the gums. Thanks to its natural and aesthetic appearance, it is possible to say that it is the most preferred type of Zirconium tooth coating for anterior teeth.

Metal Backed Tooth Veneer: Most people stay away from this veneer because of its dark appearance. It compensates for a look in its price. It is much more affordable. Because it has a durable coating and a dark appearance, it is the most preferred coating for the back teeth.

Empress (Full Porcelain) Tooth Veneer: For the application of full porcelain tooth Veneers, there is the shaving of the area around the tooth in a certain amount, and the dentist can apply the process of fixing the veneer. Results are obtained in the colour of the patient's teeth and with an aesthetic appearance.

Dental prices

The veneers cost in Turkey is one of the cheapest in the world compared with other prices in other parts of the world. The materials used in dental veneers and bridges that are custom-made yet imported and the work that requires precision in these processes affect the increasing dental prices. You should know that the quality of the material is not the leading factor affecting the tooth price.

Material quality

Material quality is essential. It also affects dental prices. But believe me, a false tooth made using the best material will not work for you. The tooth you have made by paying a lot of money may even spoil your health. Well, except for good material, what affects the price of the tooth? What should we pay attention to find the value for the money we have given or will give for the tooth?

Good workmanship

Let me explain to you the most critical issue. Respect for the work of the physician and attention to the work is essential. Even if a responsible physician who does his job diligently uses cheap materials, the result will not be disappointing. The result will be aesthetic, long-lasting, and functional in these conditions with suitable materials.

Tooth preparation

The process of preparing the tooth for zirconium in the mouth requires the time and attention of the physician. Preparing teeth with precision is not a simple process. The shape of the prepared tooth should contain sufficient distance for the tooth coating on it.

At the same time, the dentist must ensure the desired sensitive contact with the gingiva. It is imperative not to reduce the cut tooth too much while making room for the tooth veneer. This situation, which threatens the vitality of the tooth, can cause a problem. Frequent dislocation of the dental surface may also be due to oversized teeth. When we encounter extreme cold, hot sensitivity, even toothache, and swelling, we can see that the cut on the tooth is too much.

Measure stage and quality

After completing the tooth's cutting with these sensitive parameters, it is time to measure and temporary tooth coating. The quality of the measurement material used increases the precision.

A temporary dental veneer is a job because a well-made temporary dental crown is the first step to an excellent dental bridge.

The bridge legs are parallel in the tooth cut, allowing the bridge to enter the mouth comfortably. In this way, it shortens getting used to the dental veneer. After taking the dental impression, it is now up to the dental technician.

Dental technician

The materials used by the dental laboratory and the knowledge, attention, and care determine the quality of the work. Technicians who meet these conditions have to devote a long time to work. Time means money, as you know.

The importation of these materials used in the dental laboratory and the costs of the investment made for technology affect the Veneers cost in Turkey.

Veneers cost in Turkey is between $100 - and $200 per tooth in Turkey, which is remarkably cheap compared to the $800 - $2,000 in the United States. Also, the dentists in Turkey are very experienced in dental care because they have been in the business for so long and have handled several cases.

How long does a dental veneer last?

One of the most curious questions about dental coating is how the dental layer is and how long it takes. Our answer is three sessions. Depending on the person's teeth, we do the dental veneer in the best way in sessions that vary between 2 and 4 sessions.

Since it is one of the procedures carried out with aesthetic concerns, we ensure that the treatment processes continue until we are sure that the coating will show its effect in the best way, without rushing the dental coating processes.

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