Scientific Research at ‘Sharqiyah University, an Ambitious Plan to Develop Scientific Research and Innovation

Roundup Tuesday 27/September/2022 12:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Scientific Research at ‘Sharqiyah University, an Ambitious Plan to Develop Scientific Research and Innovation

A’ Sharqiyah University has established a centre for scientific research, innovation, and technology transfer which was approved by the Board of Trustees in its fourth meeting for the year 2021/2022. Reflecting its vision, the centre seeks to be a leading centre for scientific research and development management that contributes to capacity building and promoting innovation to support the achievement of Oman 2040 vision. The centre also seeks to develop and strengthen the relationship between scientific research, innovation and technology transfer through high-quality applied research that contribute to the national and international social and economic development. It adopts an ambitious strategic plan with clear performance and governance indicators, which aims to support the efforts of A’ Sharqiyah University to obtain presence and excellence both nationally and internationally by improving its position in the global rankings of higher education institutions in line with Oman 2040 vision.

The Centre for Scientific Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer aims to support and enhance the funded research programs which are offered by the university to enable its researchers to participate in highly recognized international conferences. It seeks to conduct international research visits to encourage building cross-border scientific relations and to benefit from global expertise in scientific and applied research fields of institutional and national priority. The centre also seeks to market research outputs and convert them into specialized, practical, mature, high quality and applicable scientific solutions based on an integrative and coherent approach which serve the local and international market.

The university also offers a funded program to support the emerging research projects and a program to provide financial incentives to encourage the publication of research outputs in various distinguished scientific journals. The University researchers submit competitive research proposals for research grants from national funding programs under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation, such as the Strategic Research Program, the Competency-Based Institutional Research Support Program, and ‘Ejad’ Program in cooperation with the industrial and service sectors in the Sultanate. The research output of A’ Sharqiyah University has remarkably increased in quantity and quality, which will strengthen the university's position locally, regionally, and internationally.