Incentives for wheat cultivation in Shinas

Oman Sunday 19/March/2023 19:24 PM
Incentives for wheat cultivation in Shinas

Shinas: Wheat cultivation in the Wilayat of Shinas is growing rapidly. In order to achieve interest in cultivating agricultural crops with economic returns, the farmers enjoy continuous support from the Ministry of Agricultural Wealth, Fisheries and Water Resources. The area of land cultivated with the wheat crop in the state this season is estimated at 4 acres, distributed over four main sites.

The Director of the Department of Agricultural, Fisheries and Water Resources in Shinas, said: Cultivating wheat in the Wilayat of Shinas is one of the ancient agricultural professions. This interest is reflected through the allocation of a special extension programme to preserve the seeds of the improved Omani varieties of wheat to spread its cultivation.

He added that Shinas is one of the wilayats that produces wheat crop. It is grown in 5 different locations in the state, with an agricultural area estimated at four acres, and among the villages in which wheat is grown abound.

The ministry has provided farmers from the wilayat wheat seeds, along with periodic follow-up to them which is reflected in the rise in the amount of production of wheat crop.