Iftar Recipe : Omani Harees with a twist in flavor

Lifestyle Friday 24/March/2023 13:32 PM
By: Firdaus Noorain
Iftar Recipe : Omani Harees with a twist in flavor
Here is a fusion take on the Omani Harees.

Here is a fusion take on the Omani Harees.


• Chicken 1 kg with or without bones
• Wheat ½ Kg Soaked – Broken Wheat Preferred
• Moong Dal 3 tsp Soaked
• Masoor Dal 3 tsp Soaked
• Barley 4 tsp Soaked
• Oats 3 tsp Soaked
• Cumin Seeds 2 tsp
• Garlic Pods 10-12
• Turmeric powder 2 pinch
• Garam Masala 2 tsp
• Whole Garam Masala
 Cinnamon 1stick,  Cardamom 3,  Cloves 3,  Bay leaf – Dry 1
• Oil 100gms
• Ghee 200gms
• Fennel Seeds 1 tsp Crushed
• 1 Big Onion chopped


• Take thick bottom pot, add Oil along with whole Garam Masala, Cumin seeds and Crushed fennel seeds.
• Add garlic and chopped Onions and Cook until translucent.
• Add chicken, mix well
• Add turmeric powder, Salt and Garam Masala.
• Pour 2 -3 glass of water and Cook until chicken is soft and gets separated from bones.
• Once the chicken is cooked and cooled down, separate the chicken from bones and shred the chicken.
• Take a pressure cooker, add Soaked Wheat with 3 cups of water and cook it up to 3 whistles.
• Open the Cooker once the pressure is down completely, Now add the rest of the soaked ingredients. Close the Cooker and cook for another 2-3 whistles.
• Now add the shredded chicken along the Wheat Mixture and blend them well together using a blender.
• Pour the Ghee Over the Chicken Harees and Cook for at least 5 to 10 minutes until you see the beautiful strands of the chicken.

 Serve in Bowl Plate, top it up with some cashew and some fried Onions and Serve Hot for Iftar.

Firdaus Noorain is a food vlogger, entrepreneur, food columnist and recipe creator by hobby and Managing Director of Bake'In by profession.