Oman supports development, research for manufacture of vaccines: Minister

Oman Saturday 19/August/2023 18:45 PM
Oman supports development, research for manufacture of vaccines: Minister

New Delhi: The Sultanate of Oman, represented by the Ministry of Health, during its participation in the meeting of the Group of Twenty Health Ministers in the Republic of India on Saturday, affirmed its full and integrated support for the proposed framework for regional research, development and manufacturing of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.

In a speech delivered by Dr. Hilal Ali Al Sabti, Minister of Health, and head of the delegation participating in the meeting, called for preventive measures across the scope of 'One Health' within the global platform for coordinating the proposed medical measures, referring to the strategic location enjoyed by the Sultanate of Oman and the political stability it enjoys.

Its readiness enables it to assume an important role in the production and distribution of medical supplies, especially in emergency situations.

He explained that the Sultanate of Oman supports the initiatives stipulated in priority areas for its belief that convergence, strengthening and creating a healthier tomorrow enables the building of more resilient, sustainable and inclusive health systems.

He indicated that the Sultanate of Oman has good research institutions and capabilities across the horizon of One Health, which has contributed in the past to research and development of vaccines, and could play a key role in the future preparing for emerging diseases and other medical countermeasures. .

The Minister of Health also indicated that the Sultanate of Oman supports and promotes the use of quality-assured and sustainable digital health solutions that are in line with the Global Digital Health Strategy (2020-2025) of the World Health Organization, and also contributes to achieving comprehensive health coverage, and at the local level, we are investing in Digital Health Solutions. We support the implementation of the National Digital Health Strategy which is in line with WHO rules, standards and guidelines.

He called on the G20 member states, international organisations, private institutions and factories to make the most of the potential of the Sultanate of Oman in the global healthcare ecosystem.

The conference was accompanied by discussion sessions that focused on the priority of providing medical resources and medical tools and the availability of possible procedures and measures to access them safely, effectively and comprehensively. Digital health solutions and innovations were also discussed to help achieve comprehensive health coverage and improve the provision of health care services.