Oman Investment Authority releases report on achievements

Oman Thursday 30/November/2023 18:11 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Investment Authority releases report on achievements

Muscat: The Oman Investment Authority has issued the eighth edition of the Achievement and Summary newsletter, which highlights the main OIA projects and investments in the oil and gas sectors, tourism, and the economy. It highlights some social responsibility initiatives and youth talents within the agency and its affiliated companies.

 In a featured interview, the CEO of "OQ" discussed significant topics he said that The company's assets exceed a value of $31 billion, emphasizing the positive impacts of divesting from certain Authority investments, such as acquiring Abraj energy services and OQ's gas network. The high participation in these investments reflects investor confidence in OQ's assets and financial management.

 The newsletter also showcases diverse stories of outstanding employees from the Authority and its companies. It celebrates the opening of six national projects with a total cost exceeding OMR 4 billion. These projects include the Duqm refinery and petrochemical industries OQ8, Duqm integrated power and water station, Ras Markaz Crude Oil Storage Terminal, Duqm "Rabat" project of electricity sector, and Khuwayma Shrimp Farm in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate. The first phase of Madinat Al Irfan East project in Muscat Governorate has also been completed.

Additionally, the newsletter includes several reports, notably one on the "Fath Al Khair" initiative in the Sur Governorate and its collaboration with the liquefied natural gas company to establish a centre highlighting Sur's maritime history.

There is also a tourism report on the Al Aqr neighbourhood in Nizwa, popular among visitors. The newsletter discusses harnessing research, development, and innovation to address industrial challenges, along with an in-depth report on economic reforms' results and their positive outcomes.

 It's worth mentioning that a diverse team from various agency-affiliated companies contributed to preparing the newsletter to enhance its content quality and diversity. The media used includes written texts and visual videos. The full edition can be accessed through the following link: