Vodafone Oman lines up the stars for more 'Steps for Goodness'

Roundup Tuesday 02/April/2024 14:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Vodafone Oman lines up the stars for more 'Steps for Goodness'

Muscat: Stepping on-to the football field to make a bigger difference, Vodafone Oman and Al Seeb Club put together an all-star line-up for a friendly match to accumulate even more steps for goodness. Comprising of Vodafone employees, led by CEO Bader Al Zidi and the ‘Steps for Goodness’ social media ambassadors, the Stars Team also included Omani football legends, Ali Al Habsi, Emad Al Hosni and Hassan Mudhafar.

Taking home the Steps for Goodness Cup was the Stars Team with penalties win yet, the bigger win was when both teams collectively gathered the largest number of steps this week for Al Rahma Associations’ Kiswat al Eid program.

In its second year, Vodafone Oman’s ‘Steps for Goodness’ has garnered even greater success, inviting people to join a healthy lifestyle this Ramadan by not only taking up walking for a good deed, but also enabling them to double the goodness through community activities and by listening to podcasts, all through the My Vodafone App. To date, the campaign has donated the funds from all the steps accumulated on a weekly basis to people with special needs, Gaza relief aid, now, Eid donations for underprivileged families. The funds from the last week of Ramadan have been earmarked to provide emergency support for individuals who have fallen into financial crisis through the Fak Kurba program.

People across Oman are invited to join the campaign by simply downloading the My Vodafone App and start walking, turning more steps into goodness.