MCBS Research Town Hall Meeting

Roundup Wednesday 08/May/2024 13:26 PM
By: Times News Service
MCBS Research Town Hall Meeting

Muscat – The Research Town Hall at MCBS, which took place on May 6th, 2024, was a pivotal gathering for scholars, researchers, and students alike. Hosted at the seminar room at MCBS, the event served as an open forum where the MCBS community came together to discuss important issues, share their ideas, and delve into the forefront of knowledge for shaping the future of MCBS's research endeavors.

As the event unfolded, an overview of the Research Town Hall's objectives and significance was presented, emphasizing the crucial role of collaborative research endeavors in shaping academic landscapes.

Following the welcome address, the Dean took the podium to deliver an inspiring address, articulating the college's steadfast commitment to research excellence. Participants acquired valuable insights into MCBS's vision and strategic initiatives geared towards fostering a dynamic research culture, underscoring the dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

Renowned expert Dr. Reza Farzipoor Saen, program coordinator of MSc of operation and supply chain management at SQU, graced the stage with a compelling keynote address titled "Navigating the frontiers: What it takes to publish in Scopus Journals." Attendees gleaned invaluable insights and practical strategies to enhance the visibility and impact of their research on a global scale, navigating the complex terrain of academic publishing with confidence.

The Exhibition-Presentation segment showcased the forefront of research innovation at MCBS, with some of the faculty members presenting their pioneering projects funded by both institutional and external funds. Additionally, students captivated audiences with presentations of their outstanding final-year projects from the Department of Business and Economics and the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, highlighting their research contributions.

The Associate Dean of postgraduate studies and research presented the current state of research at MCBS for postgraduate studies and research and delivered an overview of the Research at MCBS: Present and Future presentation. Attendees gained insights into major achievements, ongoing projects, and future trajectories, illuminating MCBS's commitment to advancing scholarly inquiry and innovation.

As the event ended, the Dean delivered concluding remarks, reflecting on the day's discourse and insights. Exciting announcements regarding new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and incentives were unveiled, underscoring the institution's dedication to fostering a culture of research excellence. Participants engaged in a stimulating Q&A session, fostering further dialogue and collaboration.