'Darrbak' platform promotes adventure tourism in Oman

Oman Wednesday 05/June/2024 14:49 PM
By: Times News Service
'Darrbak' platform promotes adventure tourism in Oman

Muscat: The 'Darrbak' platform represents an innovative interrface for adventure tourism in the Sultanate of Oman. It is one of the emerging Omani companies that focuses on promoting adventure tourism. The platform is quite popular among Omanis and foreign tourists, and it came in response to the diverse and picturesque terrain Oman possesses.

Since ancient times, Omani people have been able to adapt to the most difficult terrain to their advantage. They have conquered high mountains, built houses from rocks, and created roads and paths that still exist to this day. To preserve these paths and emulate the path of ancestors, these mountain roads have become a haven for lovers of adventure tourism.

Jassim bin Mohammed Al Alawi, CEO of Darrbak, said: "The company decided to create a platform that facilitates users’ access to service providers, whether individuals or companies, to provide many activities and experiences, most notably adventure tourism such as mountain climbing, diving, and cruises. The platform also includes various sports, artistic and cultural activities."

Al Alawi added that the company was founded in the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, and although the global crisis tightened the siege on many local and international companies and projects, the pandemic was an opportunity to learn and evaluate the experience.

Al Alawi added that the platform includes about 72 tourism companies specialised in various fields, thus providing approximately 131 diverse experiences and activities in various governorates of the Sultanate of Oman.

Regarding the mechanism for selecting adventure sites, the CEO of Darrbak pointed out that the platform team is testing new sites to determine their suitability in terms of the difficulty and safety before presenting it to the public.

He pointed out that the platform has achieved many successes at the local level. At the 33rd edition of the COMEX International Technology Exhibition, the platform won the “Scale” award, which is given to the best emerging technology companies.

He stressed that the platform is supported by the Oman Technology Fund, which aims to invest in promising technology projects.

Pointing out that the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority plays a pivotal role in supporting members of the platform team in terms of providing them with various workshops and involving them in local conferences and forums.

Regarding the company’s future plan, he stated that the company aspires to expand in the future outside the Sultanate of Oman, which it has already achieved after signing cooperation with Saudi companies and a Kuwaiti company.

Darrbak Company is a successful example of promising companies that contribute to financial sustainability and enrich the tourism sector, thus contributing to the prosperity and growth of the economy, as the tourism sector represents one of the most important sources of income diversification on which the Oman Vision 2040 is based.