Why is Mother’s Day so special?

Lifestyle Monday 21/March/2016 08:58 AM
By: Times News Service
Why is Mother’s Day so special?

Mother’s Day is celebrating the loving bond between a mother and her child. Being a mother or a father is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs you could ever have. At the moment of conception, many mothers’ nurturing instincts take over. They start eating better, schedule regular doctor’s appointments, and prepare for their new baby. The maternal inclination to protect and comfort their baby kicks in and shapes the way they think and act. Many people say “women glow during pregnancy”, possibly pregnancy itself radiates motherly love that secretes from their bodies. Women know how painful birth can be, but they push the pain aside, just waiting for the first moment they see their baby. You can clearly see at the time of birth, their tears are not because they are exhausted and in pain, but because of their immediate love for their baby.
Mothers are responsible for nurturing, teaching, and loving their children. Their impact on their child’s life is crucial to their child being a positive and contributing member of society. We have all seen in movies the major events between mothers and their children’s lives; such as watching their child going off to school for the first time, watching them sing in their first school performance, or sitting in the audience as their child receives an award at school; but there are so many other ways mothers impact their children. I cannot count the times my wife has juggled work and her school schedules to attend one of our children’s plays, award ceremonies, or sports activities. I know she believes someone has to be there for them, someone has to be in the audience to clap and show that they are loved.
Mothers show compassion when their child is sad, listen when they need a friend, celebrate their successes, give them strength when they fail, and always think of their child before their own needs. Mothers often stay up all night with their baby, if he or she is sick and hold them in their arms to comfort them, possibly telling them that everything will be alright. If they have to go to work the next morning, they may be exhausted, but they will likely tell you they wouldn’t trade the good times or bad times for anything in the world. Because of this maternal devotion, children often think of their mothers first during major events throughout their lives. If you have ever watched an award ceremony, professional sports draft, or attending a wedding, you have surely heard the phrase “I would like to thank my Mom, she was always there for me”.
Why is Mother’s Day so special? Being a mother is special privilege; a unique job that requires unwavering commitment, dedication, and love. This maternal love not only helps their child develop into a loving and responsible adult, but helps the mother to evolve into a more devoted and caring being. There truly is no replacement for a mother; it is a special bond, which can only be created between a mother and their child. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to thank them for being there. I hope you and your mom have a very happy and memorable Mother’s Day.