Adulterated automobile products seized in Barka

Oman Sunday 04/June/2023 11:41 AM
By: Times News Service
Adulterated automobile products seized in Barka

Muscat: The Department of Consumer Protection has seized adulterated anti-corrosion radiator water from an import and export establishment operating without license in South Al Batinah Governorate in Barka. The impounded products were falsely labelled as vehicle engine anti-corrosion water and do not conform to standard specifications.

Following information about a group of expatriate workers manufacturing adulterated anti-corrosion radiator water, the ‘Inspection and Market Control Department’ found containers filled with plain water coloured by red, green and orange materials.

The products were in sealed packages displaying fake expiration dates. The misleading safety data sheet labels claimed the liquid was anti-corrosion radiator coolant.

Over 4,559 empty 4-litre bottles were impounded by the department in addition to barrels filled with colour, water tanks, expiry date seals and 30 labels for anti-corrosive water for the radiator.

Accordingly, a violation report was issued by the authority.

The products were seized and necessary legal measures were taken against the establishment for violating Article 7 of the Consumer Protection Law. The article states, “it is prohibited to trade any adulterated, corrupt, imitated, or unauthorized commodity, and it is also prohibited to advertise it.”

The Consumer Protection Authority affirms that it will spare no effort in following up and monitoring the markets and controlling everything that may harm the health and safety of consumers or prejudice their rights. It will also take legal measures against violators.

 The CPA urges consumers to check the production and expiry dates of consumer goods before purchasing or using them in order to preserve public health. It also encourages them to report any misuses in the markets through CPA’s various communication channels.